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The Ero-sensual music of Mystic Ocean featuring Valohna Wynn takes you on

"Six Erotic Journeys"

There is a secret door leading to the Valley of Joy, a mythic place of extraordinary sensuality. Three keys will open this door. Their names are Caress, Flow, and Play. The bearer of these keys will pass through the door: gently slipping into the valley to luxuriate in Warm Sand until reaching an exquisite, orgasmic Release. These Six Erotic Journeys will prepare and assist you in opening that door of passion. They are indispensable elements in bringing the sensual quest to fulfillment and are extended for your pleasure, totaling almost seventy-two minutes of music.

This album introduces the intimate vocal sound of Valohna Wynn. She spins pure melodic lines that will touch your senusal core. No words, just feeling. Supported by warm Spanish guitar and enticing percussion, the lady will be your personal guide to the Valley Of Joy. Let this new milestone in sexy bedroom music flood your boudoir with smouldering erotic energy.


Valohna Wynn - vocalist

Enjoy these powerful features!

1. Six extended tracks(averaging twelve minutes) to minimize distractions and sustain a consistent mood.

2. Instrumentalized sexy female vocals. Melody lines are sung using sensual sounds instead of distracting words.

3. Multi-layered rhythmic textures to stimulate sexual energies at deep cellular levels.

Press review March 2006

Music In Review

Lynn Burton/VoracityBeat
Six Erotic Journeys

(2005, Blush Records)


Think silky smooth skin, a room dimly lit with glowing candles and two erotically charged parties and you'll have fallen into Six Erotic Journeys. That's what this CD is: smooth and glowing and just right in setting the mood for an erotic encounter.

The latest in the Mystic Ocean series weaves music and seduction so perfectly you'll forget the world around you while you enter into one filled with warm, relaxing sounds that consume your senses and leave you feeling breathless.

Of the six songs, it's hard, for me, to pinpoint a favorite on this album. All of them are wonderful in their own way. I love the guitar, as it seems to draw the listener in with its smooth, rich sounds. The percussion pulses within you, bringing with it an energy that you'll wish you could capture and carry with you everywhere you go. These two things alone worked for me. The wordless vocals of Valohna Wynn also seem to add a sweet element to the overall erotic journey.

From the first sounds of Caress to the final Release, you'll enjoy the ride. The songs will give you a sense of peace and relaxation as well as the intended erotic feel. A nice piece to have in your treasure chest of play things. (end review)

"It's Exotic! It's Erotic! It's the perfect CD to set the mood!"

Patti D

"The CD brings to mind the blissful part of life, that's lost in the ethers of Music.  It reminds us that intimacy is still very emaculate." 


"It's great! Sets the mood just right!"

Mimi P


MP3 Format
(Due to the length of samples please be patient when downloading.)
Caress :
4 min 37 sec file,
3.17 MB file size
2 min 27 sec file,
1.68 MB file size
3 min 28 sec file,
2.39 MB file size
Warm Sand: .
3 min 40 sec file,
2.53 MB file size
Valley of Joy :
3 min 59 sec file,
2.74 MB file size
Release 1st Sample: 2 min 32 sec file,
1.78 MB file size
Release 2nd Sample:
1 min 27 sec file,
1018 KB file size

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Six Erotic Journeys

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