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"This music sets the mood. The rest is up to you!"


Light Your sexual fire with the senusous power of music!

"When sex involves all the senses intensely, it becomes a mystical experience"

Jim Morrison/Legendary singer, songwriter of "The Doors"

Here is one way music can enhance the quality of our romantic encounters:

Music affects body temperature. Music, especially music with a strong beat can raise body temperature because musical energy dissipates as heat.

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Everyone has a special place locked away in their heart for passion.
Blush Records can open this door to the heart of romance.
Imagine walking into this place with your lover.
Then you hear the music, primal vibrations that stir thoughts of intimacy.
Thoughts that unleash instinctual urges that have moved women and men since the beginning of time.
You are both swept away in the vibrations, there is no resistance.
You become one in the same place, the same time, the same rhythm.
The rhythm of love. You are about to have the Blush Experience !

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Set the Romantic Mood with these fine albums either separately or together in the

Music for Romance Package

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One Romantic Night

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Under A Lover's Moon

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Bedroom Whispers

Soft romantic instrumental jazz/exotica to melt away inhibitions
This album is a powerful ally and catalyst to the primal forces of moonlight and romance
Ten Sensuous songs filled with the seductive words of romantic intrigue and adventure

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Experience the Mystic Ocean Series

Bedroom Music for Sex either separately or in the

Music for Sex Package

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Prayers of the Flesh

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(new)Six Erotic Journeys

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The Secret Door

Soft romantic instrumental jazz/exotica to melt away inhibitions
Named the official soundtrack for "The One Hour Orgasm" Six extended tracks of pure sensual delight
Let this music teach its secret lessons of delight and warm your sensual encounters with exquisite sound 

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New Blush Compilation CD:

Objects of Desire;Best of Vol.1 the instrumentals!

This CD is packaged with the book "Sex Between the Beats" without its own artwork or sold separately with the cover you see here. 12 tracks.

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New Book

Sex Between the Beats / The Ultimate Guide to Sex Music.

Have an eye-opening look at the deep connections between sexy music and exciting erotic encounters! Take your sexuality to new heights using a totally sensual approach! Includes full length CD (Objects Of Desire) of sensual music to jumpstart your erotic life Now!

Excerpts from the book and table of contents available on Sex Between the Beats page.

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Latest Titles from Blush
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Six Erotic Journeys featuring
Valohna Wynn.

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Now Available!
Objects of Desire / The Best of Blush Records Vol I — A compilation.
A version of CD (without the packaging) is included with the book "Sex Between the Beats".

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Now Available!

New Book

Sex Between the Beats / The Ultimate Guide to Sex Music.

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Read new article" From Pulse to Peak: Using Sensual Music to Guarantee Your One Hour Orgasm!

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